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Welcome to Fashionably Bennet

Welcome to Fashionably Bennet, a new site dedicated to the costumes of the 2006 rendition of Pride and Prejudice.  Most pages will have screen caps and promotional stills and a few that interest me and catch my eye to recreate, will have observations and what not.  Feel free to e-mail me with any information that I'm lacking or any images that may be helpful to anyone out there.







Oh, sorry about the lack of updates around here!  I've taken a bunch of caps and will hopefully be uploading those between now and Tuesday... which I also have to do for HTSP.  I've added Jane's Pink ball dress page with images.  Right now, a lot of things are unaligned, but I'm just working on getting the stuff up before I clean up...


12. 28.2006

Fashionably Bennet is slowly coming into being.  It was originally my store house for my ideas on a variation of Padme's Meadow dress, but in light that there are so many sites out there for that dress, I've revamped it into a site to the Pride and Prejudice.  I plan to have sections devoted to all the Bennet sisters, Mrs. and Mr. Bennet, Collins, Darcy, Bingley and his horrid sister, Charlette and a small section on De Burgh and Georgiana.  I'm working on screen capping at least one dress/outfit of each character this next week and will hopefully have those up soon.

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